Top five amazing foods of Ladakh

  • chhupri


  • thukpa


  • tigmo


  • momo


  • butter tea

    butter tea

While travelling to such beautiful places in Ladakh, you should know about the food details of that place. India is a combination of different races of people, different places belong to different people and their different food habits. As Ladakh is very cold and having very high altitude, so to survive that place people have to take very high nutritious food. Everyone should try the following delicious and healthy dishes in Ladakh.

  • Thukpa


Thukpa is a noodle soup made with lots of vegetable and chicken. Originally it is a Tibetan food. It is easily available and affordable for everyone.

  • Timgo


Tigmo is a steamed bun and you can enjoy Tigmo with hot vegetable/chicken soup. It is also very healthy and easily available dish in Ladakh.

  • Momo


Momos are the best dish i have ever eaten. Momos are popular in all over north India. But in Ladakh you can taste the actual Tibetan style momos which are hot, spicy and piping. So enjoy the  scenic view of Ladakh with chili hot momos.

  • Butter Tea

    butter tea

Butter tea also called ‘Gur Gur’ in local Ladakhi language, is a very special kind of ‘Chai’ or tea made with Yak milk and butter. Butter tea is little bit pink in color and thick and yummy. Have a nice cup of Gur-Gur and enjoy your refreshing morning in Ladakh.

  • Chhupri


Chhupri is world hardest cheese, made by Yak milk. It is easily available in the main market.


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