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    Toy Story

No, this is definitely not Disney’s ‘Toy Story’.

Sejal is a sweet baby girl of 6 years old. Pappa & Mamma love their little princess very much. She talks really sweet. She has many toys to play with. One day her pappa brought a sweet little doll made of porcelain.

Pappa: Hey Seju! See what pappa bring for you.

She was studying with her mamma, ran to pappa’s lap.

Sejal: What pappa? What pappa? Wow! She is so beautiful. See papa, she is smiling.

Pappa: yes sweetie, every doll smiles.

Sejal: no pappa, she is really smiling like us. I should call her Smiley, right pappa?

Pappa: That’s sweet name Seju.

Smiley became her favorite doll, favorite toy among all of them. Every time she needs Smiley, when she studies, eat, bath, sleeps. Other toys are getting jealous of Smiley, because of Smiley Sejal doesn’t play with them much. They said, “you’re easily fragile, one day you’ll be broken & just be trash.”

Smiley: no, I’m her favorite.

Sejal came from school, ran to her room, hugging Smiley, “hey, are you upset? Why? Pappa pappa, see Smiley is sad. Why is she sad pappa?

Pappa: no sweetie, she is not sad.

Mamma: Seju, come here baby, you need to get fresh.

Sejal: no mamma, Smiley is sad, I’ve to be with her. Pappa, see she is smiling.

She hugged her. Suddenly Smiley slipped from Sejal’s hand, fall & broke. Sejal started crying on the floor.

Pappa: Seju, don’t cry, I’ll bring you another.

Sejal: no pappa, I want Smiley back.

Pappa: ok baby. Then take the pieces & come with me, we will fix her.

They fixed her, then Sejal & Smiley became happy again.

One day another baby girl came to their neighborhood. Piyu is same age of Sejal.

Pappa: Seju, see who is here to play with you.

Sejal was playing, while getting up again Smiley fell on the floor & broke into pieces.

Sejal: oh no! pappa I’ve to fix Smiley, I’ll meet later

She fixed Smiley, hugged, Smiley smiling again.

Sejal: wait, Smiley, I’m coming right now. Who is it pappa?

Pappa: she is Piyu, take her to your room

Sejal: come Piyu, I’ll meet you up with my favorite doll. Smiley, say hi to Piyu.

Piyu: she is beautiful, but she is broken.

Sejal: but she is my favorite, I fixed her.

Piyu & Sejal became very good friends. Sejal has friends in school but Piyu is different. They play new new games together. Sejal still plays with Smiley but not like previous. Now she doesn’t care much if Smiley happy or upset. One day Piyu was calling, in hurry, she broke Smiley again, this time in more pieces.

Sejal: sorry Smiley, I’ll fix you later.

But now Smiley doesn’t want to be fixed. She wants to go to the dustbin. Sejal doesn’t love her anymore.

Sejal fixed her but this time she can’t find all pieces, so Smiley looking little ugly, broken.

After some days,

Piyu: my pappa is transferred to another city. We have to go, I don’t know if we can meet again.

They both cried & cried.

Next day,

Mamma: Seju, wake up, Piyu is going.

Getting up from bed in hurry with the bedsheet she was wrapping Smiley fell on the floor & be into innumerable pieces. She ran towards the door but Piyu was gone. Then she cried & cried. Then she came into her room & found Smiley in pieces pieces……& she cried again. In those pieces, if Sejal could see there is a red piece which was the shape of a heart.

Mamma: Seju, baby, you can’t fix Smiley anymore, so we have to throw her.

[Smiley(in pieces): this is good. But can I get a last hug?]

It’s like Sejal listened & ran to those pieces, took them & hugged them. Then the red piece of heart slipped under her little almirah & stayed forever.

Saptarshi Sutradhar

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