Watermelon Juice Receipe

  • watermelon juice

    watermelon juice

Watermelon is a blessing from mother nature for us. I love watermelon so much that I can eat it for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner . . . almost every day . . . never mind I am just showing off my love towards watermelon. This the month of April and summer is here and so the watery foods of summer season like cucumber, melon, watermelon, lime, lemons, sweet lime and much more are available in the market. Actually, these are natural cooling products we can consume as much as we want because they are low in calorie and full of vitamins and protect ourselves from the tremendous heat. So, here goes a simple but tasty and healthy recipe of watermelon juice. . . give it a try you'll surely like it.


  • One watermelon peeled and deseeded and diced
  • One or two teaspoon mint leaves(optional)
  • Ice cubes


How to prepare the recipe

  1. Blend the watermelon and mint leave together in a blender
  2. Add little water if required
  3. Add black salt as per test
  4. Mix well and serve with ice cube
  5. Garnish with mint leave
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